The Key to Salvation

This course is the commentary a thirteenth century text, written by Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah, one of the great masters of the Shadhili Spiritual order. It is considered to be one of his most important works because it sets out the principles of actual mystical practices, shedding light on the sacred invocations, and associated practices

6 week course ‪starting Friday 10th January at 7.30pm

Open to all | Segregated seating for sisters

About the teacher:

Shaykh Zaheer began his interest in Islamic Studies whilst studying at university. He later travelled to Damascus for a short period in 2007, completing several short courses in the core Islamic subjects. It is here he met with his foremost teacher, the erudite scholar Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi who continues to guide his development.

He has since benefitted from teachers in both the UK and abroad.

He regularly delivers Fridays sermons and lectures and has been leading weekly gatherings of remembrance in his locality since 2009.

Shaykh Zaheer has taught courses on Islamic Spirituality, the Life of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) - his qualities and characteristics, Quranic Phonology & Recitation and more.

Entry is free but registration is required


The Key to Salvation