Children Classes

Qasidah Burdah and Inshad Training for Children

..:: Qasidah Burdah & Inshad Training For Children ::.. Two exclusive 10-week courses, including a first for Essential Islam, where we will teach children how to sing the Qasidah al-Burdah; a most magnificent tribute to the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Start Date: 23/03/2019
End Date: 01/06/2019
Teacher: Yasir Kiani
Cost: 25 Pounds
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Inshad Training for Children

.:: Inshad Training For Children - Hounslow ::. After a successful term one, we are thrilled to launch our term two initiative, which has been developed specifically for aspiring singers to learn the art of Inshad; the traditional art of Islamic singing that focuses on leading people to Allah and H

Start Date: 21/07/2018
End Date: 29/09/2018
Teacher: Yasir Kiani
Cost: £25
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Quran Classes

Basic tajwid and Quran Classes for sisters

Start Date: 04/07/2018
End Date: 09/08/2018
Teacher: Imam Rafique
Cost: Free
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Adult Classes

Commentary on Surah Mulk

This six week course will delve into the blessings and power behind this verse, the context of its revelation and how it can be applied in our lives Entry is free but registration is required Event URL:

Start Date: 13/01/2020
End Date: 24/02/2020
Cost: Free
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The Key to Salvation

This course is the commentary a thirteenth century text, written by Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah, one of the great masters of the Shadhili Spiritual order Entry is free but registration is required

Start Date: 10/01/2020
End Date: 28/02/2020
Teacher: Shaykh Zaheer
Cost: Free
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Revisiting the Seerah

Knowledge of the Prophetic Biography (Seerah) is necessary for every Muslim and sharing it with everyone is a responsibility. Registration required:

Start Date: 21/01/2020
End Date: 21/04/2020
Teacher: Shaykh Ammar
Cost: Free
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