Coronavirus - 12th March 2020 Update

Posted on: 12 March 2020

As of 11/03/20, the World Health Organisation has declared the outbreak of Coronovirus (Covid-19) a pandemic. Against this backdrop, there are 590 confirmed cases and 10 deaths in the UK at the time of writing (12/03/20).

After careful consideration, Hounslow Jamia Masjid would like its attendees to consider the following:

- The preparations for Friday prayer tomorrow will start from 12pm. The prayer and khutba will be short and start promptly at the designated times

- Congregation members aged 60+ years are at an increased risk and should consider praying at home.

- In cases where any person of any age has any pre-existing health conditions we would ask you (for the sake of yourself and your family & friends) to consider absenting yourself from the Masjid during times when it may be busy (especially Jummah).

- Please try not to use the toilet facilities and do your whudu at home, use the masjid facilities only if absolutely necessary.

- Minimise/avoid shaking of hands/embracing each other after prayers.

- Leave promptly once the prayers are completed.

- Perform supererogatory prayers at home.

- If you wish to bring a prayer mat you can do, please ensure that it is clean and others do not perform prostration on your mat and it doesn't take up too much space.

- Use the hand sanitisers provided at various points in the masjid.

- You should wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds when returning home.

Any queries or questions please contact one of the committee members at Jummah tomorrow.

We will offer further advice with regards to the madrassah, other classes held in the masjid, planned lectures/talks and other activities in due course.

Just as important - do not let such events be a cause of neglecting performing any virtuous acts on this day, especially the recitation of Salawat on the Messenger of Allah ‎ﷺ

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during what are unprecedented and unique circumstances.