Masjid Reopening - Phase 1

Posted on: 03 July 2020



Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu


Dear respected members of the community,


Hounslow Jamia Masjid will reopen to the public from Sunday 5th July 2020 in shaa’Allah. This will be a phased reopening - please see below


Covid-19 is still an existent threat and we will be treating it as such. There will be several restrictions in place for the safety of all. This will be the new normal for the foreseeable future and we request your support in implementing these measures. It is both a collective and individual duty upon us all to do whatever we can to prevent the spread of the virus


Daily Prayers

Phase one from July 5th will see only Fajr, Dhuhr and Asr prayers performed in congregation. The Masjid will remain closed for the remaining prayers.

Phase two will commence on 12th of July with the 5 daily prayers


Friday Jumu’ah Prayers: 

No decision has been made yet regarding the start of the Friday Jumu’ah prayers. This will depend on how smooth and safe the reopening of the Mosque for prayers is going to be from 5th July.


Please remember that, there will be limitation in the numbers attending the Mosque for prayers due to social distancing requirements. 

Once the maximum capacity is reached, there will be no further admittance into the Mosque.


We request your understanding and cooperation. 


Children under 12 will not be allowed in the Mosque unless accompanied by an adult. Sisters area will be off limits until further notice. Elderly (over 60) and those vulnerable are recommended NOT to attend.


People are required to adhere to the following guidelines:


• Temperature checks will be mandatory at the entrance. If you have a high temperature you will not be permitted into the Mosque. Please understand that the health of yourself and others is a priority.


• Data Collection will be required before proceeding to the prayer hall. This is a governmental requirement. Please utilise the Ipads to enter your information (a QR code can be scanned after the first initial entry of data)


• Make ablution (Wudu) at home. The Wudu and toilet area will be closed.


• Bring your shoe bag. The shoe racks will be temporarily sealed off. Keep your shoes beside you when you pray (we will be provided disposable bags for the first few days only).


• Follow the one way system in place - there will be one entrance and one exit point


• Use the hand sanitisers provided when you enter the Mosque building and when you leave.  


• Bring your own Mushaf - the bookshelves and literature holders will be sealed off.


• Wear a mask - this is a strong recommendation.


• Observe social distancing rules


• Observe signage and pray only on the marked prayer mats. Each mat will be disinfected after the prayer


• Masjid will open thirty minutes before the Adhan.


• The Masjid will be closed after each prayer.


• Pray and Go system in the Masjid. No staying.  No socialisation.  No hand shaking.  


• Pray Sunnah & Nawafil at home.


• If you think, you may have Covid-19 do not come to the Mosque. 


• If you think you have been in contact with someone who may have Covid-19, do not come to the Mosque. 


Please contact your GP immediately if you meet the last two criteria.


Funeral Services:


The timings for funeral services will be staggered to avoid any possible cross over with congregational prayers. The maximum attendance permitted is 30 in line with governmental and health guidance.


Nikah Services:


Nikah services will resume with a maximum of 30 guests. Please ensure all guidance is followed as indicated on the website. All documents need to be presented to avoid any unnecessary delays.


Suspended Services:


-Jum’mah Services at Hounslow Mosque will continue to be suspended until further notice.  Inshallah, we are hopeful that we will be able to start Jum’mah services very soon.  Please stay tuned for further announcements.  


- Onsite Educational Programmes will also continue to be suspended until further notice.   


We will review the above as appropriate and as per future government guidelines and regulations. We sincerely thank the community for your continued understanding and cooperation as we try to inshallah resume our foundational role as a Masjid and a community centre. Please do not hesitate to reach out via email or call the Mosque office for any questions and/or concerns as it pertains to the Phase 1 reopening of the Mosque. 




Hounslow Jamia Masjid Management