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Download Raising Children the Prophetic Way
Raising Children the Prophetic Way - Speech delivered by Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak from Canada at Hounslow Jamia Masjid in December 2014
Download The Etiquettes of Handling the Quran
Download The Love for the Prophet
Download Differences are a Mercy
Download Evidence of 20 Rakahs Taraweeh
Download Aspects of the Prayer
Download The Fifteenth Night of Sha'ban
The aim of this short paper is to show the superiority of this night and its validity
Download Adab of Naseeha
Adab of Naseeha - Notes from lecture given at Hounslow Jamia Masjid on Saturday May 14th 2016
Download Benefits of Saints
You should know that one of the most tremendous of Allah’s bounties upon us, and one of His greatest blessings, is the open presence of saints and their graves in our midst. The benefits and gains of this presence are innumerable.
Download In the Defence of the Sunnah
An Analysis of the Theory and Practices of Tasawwuf (Sufism)
Download Dalail al Khayrat
The Masterpiece of Blessings on the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)
Download A Glimpse into Prophetic Beauty
The Companions described the Prophet’s s beautiful form that dazzled all who saw him. They said: “The Messenger of Allah s had the most beautiful face, and the best form. He was neither excessively tall nor short. His face was like the moon when it is full. No one before or after him has been seen..
Download Of Pure Origin
It is the position of Muslims that the Prophet Mu^ammad (SalAllahuAlayhiWasalam),our leigelord and master, is the Pure and the Purifying. As such, there is nothing connected with his blessed person, form, character, or direct lineage that is impure or tainted.
Download The Prophetic Diet
Lecture notes on talk delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi in July 2013 at Hounslow Jamia Masjid
Download Pinnacle of Beauty
On the Lightening of Abu Lahab's Punishment each Monday
Download The Companions are the Stars of Guidance
Allah chose the companions of the Messenger of Allah to keep intimate company with him and learn from his statements, actions, and exalted spiritual states. This divinely preordained bounty set them apart from the rest of humanity—after the Prophets—and made them the standard bearers of the Prophet
Download The Kissing of Thumbs
Remedying Our Sore Eyes Through The One Who Heals
Download Ruqya in Islam
Download Martyrdom of Imam Husayn
Martyrdom of Imam Husayn
Download Notes from the Rihla 2016 - Topic of the Shamail of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)
Notes from the Rihla 2016 - Topic of the Shamail of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)